Our Purpose

To help businesses create value and
cause positive impact with the power of digital

The digital world offers a world of new opportunities for our clients. Opportunities to do things better, and to do better things. To use time and resources more wisely. To offer products and services of singular, important value to customers. To provide a workplace that employees are proud to associate with. To build something worthwhile that will last far into the future. This is not mere profits. It’s about building a purposeful business that creates value within the economy, society and environment.

And at Marlabs, our focus is to help each of our clients find and capture their unique opportunities and empower them with digital technologies so that they can run a purposeful business.

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What we’re solving for.

Over the past 15+ years, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients in capturing digital opportunities.
And we have been part of their journey as the industry and technology continued to change and evolve, giving us valuable learning experiences and the ability to recognize these continuously evolving needs shaping our offerings.
Today we recognize these needs as the “digital conundrums” that requires solving for:

End user behaviors are changing and evolving due to being more digitally connected and influenced by individuality, economy, mobility, health & wellbeing and environment.

With this, how to determine what they want, influence and connect with their emotions and satisfy them in a personalized manner?

Our solution: Design led ‘experience-first’ collaboration

We start by deeply understanding the customer experience journey. Then, we creatively combine our design led innovation approach with digital technologies to provide ‘experience-first’ digital solutions

The pace of digital innovations and advancements is accelerating. How can companies keep on top of these changes—and build the skills and processes they need to identify, evaluate, contextualize, and capture emerging opportunities?

Our solution: Digital labs for rapid solution incubation

Our framework is designed to allow clients to experiment rapidly and quickly move to precise experiences at much lower cost and risk.

Companies must be more agile and nimble than ever before—willing and able to change and adopt new ideas faster. How can companies overcome resistance and inertia and get people to embrace change? How can they achieve repeatable, sustainable change?

Our solution: change levers that work

We start with productization of our client’s IT backbone – for agility and readiness to support a digital-first business. We then readily invest in long term partnerships with our clients on compelling ideas through co-innovations and revenue sharing models. And lastly, we hand-hold our clients as their trusted advisors and thought partners throughout their period of change.

Our Approach






Practical Execution

We move clients into a rewarding digital future through the power of our Digital Collective™. The Marlabs Digital Collective™ combines our design-led digital innovation process with human experience, cutting edge modular digital platforms and an ecosystem of best-in-class technology partners and innovators.
Our three-step approach:

Diverge from the norm and re-imagine experiences with a design-led digital-first approach.

Meet Divergence, our digital innovation brand that helps you rapidly identify, prove out, and capture digital opportunities. Divergence’s collaborative process connects you with specialized industry innovators and start-ups, new digital technologies, fast-track development teams, and additional resources from our ecosystem. It starts with a collaborative ideation session—”Diverge”—that uses a design-led digital-first mapping of end-user experience journeys to generate fresh, informed ideas for solving problems and identifying new opportunities powered by digital.

Experiment and incubate solutions with our digital labs.

Conduct collaborative experiments with our specialists from Divergence digital labs to identify the most desirable, feasible, and viable solutions. Move quickly through rapid collaborative sprints of PoC, prototyping, and MVP journeys that combine design, experience, and technology.

Scale, Deploy, Measure.

Move from incubation to working, deployed solutions with the help of our technical architects and engineers located across our world-class global delivery centers. We will help you productize, deploy, measure and manage the solutions, infrastructure and security through our all-in-one, cost-effective, continuous engagement model.

Our strengths


Rich Capabilities Mix

Our technologists are real world practitioners who combine their advanced technology expertise and their understanding of your domain nuances together with our award-winning solutions & platforms to seamlessly infuse digital into your business

Speed and Nimbleness

We quickly move your projects forward and deliver as promised. We’re agile, collaborative, and efficient—providing a fast-track startup-style experience filled with continual innovation and improvement.

Empathy-fueled Drive

We adopt our clients’ interests, concerns, and opportunities as our own, and commit to solve them by bringing our utmost creativity, passion, expertise, and global mindset to work every day.

Powerful Ecosystem

In the digital world, no one company can know it all or do it all. That’s why we work with an extensive network of cutting-edge partners, startups, and academics who collaborate with us to deliver complete, high-performing solutions at speed and scale.

Our corporate values


Some of the most prestigious organizations in the world have singled out Marlabs’ capabilities, our technology platforms for their performance, innovation and digital victories

Our Team

Our leaders are technologists, strategists, and, above all, thought partners committed to helping Marlabs clients achieve better business outcomes through digital opportunities.

Siby Vadakekkara

Chairman and CEO

Todd Keller

Chief Operating Officer

Gregory Peck

Chief Commercial Officer

Manish Singhvi

Chief Financial Officer

Usha Jamadagni

Chief Delivery Officer

Purnima Menon

Chief Marketing Officer

Sanjay Vidyadharan

Chief Administrative Officer

Prathima Prabhu

Chief People Officer

At Marlabs,
we realize the full potential of digital with a people-first approach

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