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Building digital skills to take on the disruption


In this age of digital disruption, digital technologies are driving the transformation with new players and new business models making their entry. The need is to augment and build new digital skills to stay relevant and continue to add value in this digital age.

Collaboration at the core

It has become all about networking and collaboration. Companies, suppliers, independent experts, providers of digital consulting services, and others are coming together to contribute ideas, skills, and expertise. Organizational structures and processes are getting remolded to support digital innovation and collaboration. Indeed, collaborative relationships provide crucial leverage through digital technology skills and expertise that can be called upon at the point of need to magnify impact.

Speed unhindered by soil

Today, speed is of the essence with quick and iterative collaboration that is based on cross-functional teams working closely together to meet shared goals. Customers expect to seamlessly communicate with companies across online and offline channels and have their needs addressed based on an omnichannel perspective. Departmental boundaries are blurring with customer relationships being navigated through digital channels. The divisions between departments like marketing, sales, customer service and IT are no longer as pronounced as it used to be. For example, marketing and IT have come closer together with significant overlap in roles and responsibilities.

It has become all about

Competencies are the only way to navigate this complex, rapidly evolving digital landscape. Constant reskilling has become the order of the day. While the blurring of functional silos presents a professional development challenge by making career paths less straightforward, it also offers an opportunity to address that challenge by moving up the digital learning curve.

End of the day, companies typically lose their place under the sun not because they have weakened in their core capabilities but because the core competencies that differentiated them are no longer driving market success to the extent they used to. Ensuring that they have the digital skills and expertise as relevant to their business provides them with a competitive flanking strategy to morph their businesses as the ongoing transformation unfolds.

Marlabs works with clients in helping them build the digital technology skills that they need to stay relevant through a combination of workshops, mentoring, on-the-job-training, and talent infusion.

Watch Karyn Schoenbart,
CEO of the NPD Group,

talk about building the next generation of digital leaders

Campus hiring through our
Center of Excellence (COE)

Marlabs supports students from campuses across the nation by providing them with an accelerated path to enter the corporate world. For this, Marlabs hires students from leading campuses and trains them on the digital skills that are critically needed in today’s workplace.

For over 10 years, Marlabs has been an employer of choice at several top US schools. Students are inducted through an intensive training program with classroom sessions as well as real life, on-the-job exercises. The goal is to bring in technology and industry readiness through a combination of:

  • Technology training programs by Marlabs subject experts
  • Customer problem context briefings
  • Exposure to emerging technologies through our digital labs
  • Coaching on soft skills, organizational behaviors
  • Personality development workshops
  • Briefings on customer business domains and industries

Some additional highlights of the COE program:

  • Network of 300+ universities
  • Hackathon-based hiring
  • AI and video-based platform for professional hiring
  • Crowdsourced network of technical panel experts

COE Learning Center

Here is a preview of our training program on Java Full Stack Development

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