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Why modernizing the IT architecture is important for Digital Transformation

For many years, businesses have pursued large-scale Digital Transformation projects with high expectations. A majority of these projects were either designed to launch an entirely new digital business or to implement major technological changes in business operations. A case in point, Starbucks’ Digital Flywheel is a notable effort in how businesses can implement a successful Digital Transformation initiative. Built around four pillars- rewards, personalization, payment, and order. The goal was to merge the physical customer touchpoints with the digital to “not only drive superior business results in the short term, based on rewards, ordering, and personalization, but to also make it very challenging for other digital companies to outmaneuver us in the physical world,” according to Starbucks’ Chief Strategy Officer Matt Ryan.

Venkatakrishnan B

About Venkatakrishnan B

Venkatakrishnan is a Chief Architect at Marlabs. He is a part of Marlabs Deep Tech practice, and he focuses his efforts on three areas: Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, and Emerging Technologies. As a lead member of a team of technologists and architects, he is responsible for delivering the most effective possible solutions to our customers on AI/ML, IoT, and Enterprise Architecture initiatives. Venkat brings expertise from working in the Financial Services, Product Development, Payments Domain, and Research and Innovation lab.

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