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What is IoT Edge?

We hear new tech buzzwords everyday – IoT is one of them. Do we really understand what is the context of this concept? Before getting on the details of IoT Edge, let us first understand what is this IoT that has created a buzz in the market.

Here is a quick question for you:

What is the most indispensable thing for your devices today? (Your phone, your laptop, your iPads etc.)

The obvious answer is internet. And that is exactly what IoT is all about – Connecting devices with internet and enabling them to interact with each other. IoT enables a smooth data flow between the devices by using Internet as a channel and lets you browse/stream content without having anything stored on your device.

Let’s move to IoT Edge now:

Edge is an IoT service that enables users to work on edge computing. Edge computing allows you to analyze data on devices, (which is the edge of the network) rather than in the cloud. Edge allows you to perform analysis without transferring the raw data. It helps you clean data, aggregate and perform analysis on the device itself, then later moving the insights on the cloud.

It results in bandwidth cost reduction, quicker responses and eventually helps reducing traffic.

Want to know how big the market is expected to grow in coming years?

Below you can see some forecasts from Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Research and Markets which depict market size and growth. Source


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