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Use Cases – IoT Enabled Cold Chain

Certain products need to be transported in certain temperature conditions. Some special material, like food, blood or vaccination, must be kept refrigerated. Industries that specially deal with perishable products are deploying IoT enabled cold chain processes to monitor data insights and proactively identify the problems and find a solution within a due course.

Industry-wise IoT enabled Cold Chain use cases


*         F&B/Food Processing Logistics to ensure food quality

Logistics captures real-time data of the condition of shipped food. Cruises use smart containers to store food which control temperature and humidity. They are programmed to raise alarms if the temperature and humidity go lesser or beyond the optimum level. Similarly, restaurants also make use of cold chain to store food in certain conditions to reduce the possibility of harmful bacteria.

*         Plastic and Rubber manufacturing to meet industrial product specification

In industries like plastic and rubber, manufacturers need to address unique product requirements. They need cold chain management to gain visibility into all aspects of the supply chain process. They also need to test plastic product quality specifications like lightweight, long life span, or corrosion resistance etc., and minimize low-quality products that may impact on company’s brand reputation.

*         Pharma to ensure safety

Certain medicines need to stay in temperature-controlled environments. Cold chain monitoring processes are deployed to communicate temperature data and enabled smooth clinical trial processes. Insights are generated out of the collected data and decisions are taken according to the results.

*         Chemical manufacturing and logistics

Manufacturers make use of cold chain monitoring to manage the status of storage tanks and warehouse. It helps in storing and transporting chemical materials, underdevelopment products and ready to go to market products from inventory.

*         Oil and Gas production plants

Gas production facilities convert raw materials into refined products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, oils, etc. Companies must make use of integrated cold chain processes to expand refinery requirements and enable higher manufacturing utilization rates in order to transport energy supplies from producer to the consumer.

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