With Salesforce, companies can connect to their customers in a whole new way. Marlabs’ Salesforce practice focuses on enabling clients to get the best out of their Salesforce investments. Through ET Marlabs, a Gold Cloud Alliance partner, we offer implementation, customization, integration, and maintenance services for Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and We have deep expertise in Salesforce custom application development using and in building mobile applications.  
ET Marlabs has the experience gained over delivering 380+ successful Salesforce projects, and has a 96% Salesforce-certified delivery team with more than 100 Salesforce certifications across DEV401, DEV501, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, ADM201, and ADM301. 

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Getting the best out of a Salesforce implementation requires clear, strategic goal setting, and planning. ET Marlabs’ Salesforce implementation services simplify the process by working with our clients to understand their unique business context, technical landscape and then developing a strategy for swift and cost-effective implementation.

ET Marlabs recently integrated the entire sales and services for a leading tire manufacturer with presence in global markets using Salesforce Service Cloud. The client wanted an effective CRM for all of their sales, services, and marketing needs, with strong mobile capabilities. Their business processes were scattered across systems and their data was being captured on Excel sheets. There was no visibility into sales activities of sales agents, and field agents had no visibility into stock or discount schemes. Our solution included integration with SAP to give field agents insight into sales actuals, inventory stock, pricing, etc., to aid their sales process and a custom mobile app.

As a result, the client now has visibility into sales activities of the field agents. They are able to enable the agents better and drive sales by using the insights gathered. They can also engage dealers and customers effectively by collaborating with them on communities.

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Developed based on our extensive experience with clients across industries, the assessment can provide you with valuable insights on the health of your Salesforce Org and offer a roadmap that discusses how to take your Salesforce solution to the next level.
Urban Ladder - A Testimonial
ET Marlabs helped Urban Ladder, a fast growing furniture e-tailer in India, to leverage Salesforce as a platform. 


ET Marlabs has extensive experience developing and customizing Salesforce solutions to suit the business needs of our clients. We can develop and integrate complex Salesforce applications and also customize and extend existing applications. 
For a NYC-based leading provider of real-time online advertising platform we developed a contract Management System, which extends the built-in approval process of Salesforce. The system allows for full control over the approval flow by the contract admin, thereby reducing the possibility of clogged approvals, orphaned approvals, and reducing user frustration. It is a robust framework built within the Salesforce platform as a native application with integrations with third party document management systems like and Alfresco. The auto assignment of approval flows for common scenarios reduced the overall customer onboarding time from 7 business days to 2 business days.  The exhaustive audit trail allows management to see comprehensive reports and dashboards on the progress of the contract progress and make adjustments in real time to make the process smooth. It also provides internal and external auditors tools to get all the information they need for SOX and other audits through pre-configured reports. 
CEAT CIBA - A Case Study & Testimonial
This video discusses CEAT's Integrated Business Application (CIBA), an enterprise wide business transformation initiative that was enabled by & ET Marlabs.


Marlabs can help integrate Salesforce with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications. Based on the client's business requirements, technical landscape, and time constraints, our experienced consultants recommend the best integration approach. We ensure seamless integration to various backend systems (such as ERP, CRM or custom apps) through Salesforce REST API, Bulk API, SOAP API, etc., or products such as WSO2. We also offer comprehensive integration with social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Marlabs has deep expertise in using Talend for data migration and integration. Salesforce integration process involves integration design, development, testing, and deployment. Our Salesforce integration services ensure our clients’ corporate data is synchronized, thus providing them with a single, real-time view of their business.

Pearson K-12 Transformation Journey - A Case study & Testimonial
This video discusses Pearson’s K–12 Transformation project and how ET Marlabs and helped them inculcate a data driven culture and a mobile workforce with instant decision making capability.


Management post implementation is important for getting the best out of Salesforce investment. ET Marlabs has a well-defined approach for providing Salesforce maintenance services. Our Salesforce experts employ the best practices to enhance performance and increase adoption. We understand the specific requirements and objectives of our customers, which helps us support them effectively in an admin role by completely replacing their need for an internal Salesforce admin. 
Maintenance services include activities such as resolving open tasks, assessing usage, updating the records regularly, taking back-ups, cleaning data, updating versions, auditing users and licenses, examining logs, and analyzing the usage of fields. Our continuous Salesforce maintenance services allow our customers focus on their core business.
“We initially contacted five India-based Salesforce authorized Developer Partners as well as three prominent US-based Developer Partners in our search for a new partner to take over our developmental needs on our existing org. ET Marlabs provided the fastest response, the most information relevant to our inquiries, and clear, accurate details in their answers to our questions. After engaging their services, they have continued to perform similarly, accommodating our urgent requests, performing tasks as scheduled, and providing post-call summaries and weekly PDF status reports. They have far exceeded our expectations in performance, communications, and responsiveness. In short, we feel they have bent over backwards to help us and they’ve done it for far less than their US-based counterparts would’ve charged. Highly recommended.”
Greg Stein
CEO, Closet Factory


Case Study
Marlabs developed and implemented a custom Salesforce CRM solution involving activities such as initial data loading, administrative setup for all security and sharing, developing custom reports and dashboards, and providing online training/demo.
SandD is an end-to-end sales and distribution management application built on Salesforce platform. Designed to streamline and add mobility to your sales, SandD is flexible, intuitive, and cloud-based, enabling you to optimize your sales cycle, reduce costs, and increase performance. Unlike other sales and distribution (S&D) apps in the market, it’s a multi-dimensional tool, designed to automate sales organizations of any size.
SandD works in tandem with Salesforce Enterprise Edition. It has been built on, one of the world’s foremost app building platforms. SandD is mobile and flexible; it can be deployed within two-weeks at half the cost of traditional enterprise-wide S&D management systems. Based on your preferences, you can customize all the functionalities of SandD to suit the sales organization’s requirements. It is subscription-based and completely scalable, so you only pay for what you use and later on, as your business grows, you can add more users if you wish.

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Developed based on our extensive experience with clients across industries, the assessment can provide you with valuable insights on the health of your Salesforce Org and offer a roadmap that discusses how to take your Salesforce solution to the next level.


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