IT departments are being called upon to be even more agile and responsive. Today’s hyper-connected world is characterized by demand for ever increasing speed. Building and deploying software faster and faster has become a major imperative. Software development inefficiencies can mean additional costs as well as lost business opportunities. The mandate is to eliminate manual processes and handoffs that could cause errors, delays, and loss of productivity. DevOps provides the means to streamline the SDLC and accelerate the build to deploy cycle. As an extension of Agile, DevOps aligns and unifies development, QA, and operations teams through techniques like continuous integration and deployment. 
Marlabs has built a unique, first of its kind framework, the DevOps MachineTM, for implementing DevOps in an organization. This is a software platform that utilizes industry leading tools like Puppet and Chef in order to drive end-to-end automation, all the way from requirements to coding to packaging builds to QA to release and deployment. Application templates and package repositories underpin release management and eliminate release failures. Generation of key metrics like Schedule Performance Index, Cost Performance Index, Burn Down Chart Variance, Test Design Productivity, Defect Leakage, and Defect Density helps get a handle over the entire process of getting DevOps up and running. 
Working with you on executing your DevOps strategy, we will:
  • Assess readiness for DevOps driven transformation
  • Identify opportunities around people, processes and technology
  • Develop an adoption strategy and roadmap for moving forward

Our DevOps services include:

Continuous strategy and assessment
This is where we analyze current infrastructure processes, help institute standards and workflows, and establish feedback loops and metrics. Included will be a review of what is to be developed and infrastructure currently in place as well as an analysis of compliance with operational standards. 
DevOps implementation
By leveraging our unique DevOps Machine, we will fast-track the rollout of DevOps in the organization, decreasing release cycles from weeks to days to hours and accelerating go to market. Through test automation, we will ramp up the pace of testing while raising test coverage. We will ensure that the right infrastructure and systems are in place in order to store and move code to the correct servers for rapid deployment. Building seamless integrations for a continuous integration and testing environment will mitigate errors while cutting down time to market.
Configuration management
Ensuring use of appropriate configuration practices will speed up the process and eliminate errors. Automation of server and application configurations will enable teams to operate in “production-like” environments, thus providing an impetus to delivery and quality. By designing and implementing a solid configuration management solution, we will reduce or eliminate manual work, boost efficiency, and free up teams to deliver greater business value.