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Implementing Salesforce Service Cloud to integrate sales and services

A leading tire manufacturer wanted an effective CRM for all of their sales, services, and marketing needs, with strong mobile capabilities. We implemented Salesforce Service Cloud, integrated it with SAP, and also developed a mobile app. This provided field agents with insights into sales actuals, inventory stock, pricing, etc., to aid their sales process. As a result, the client now has visibility into sales activities of the field agents and can enable them better to drive sales.


Salesforce integrated automation system provides real-time access to information

A large conglomerate with nearly 50% share of the Indian brewing market wanted an easy to use system for the field force with real-time information access. We developed a Salesforce integrated automation system that addressed client needs. The mobile app captures all the information from outlet visits by the sales rep. Rich in visuals and branding, the app provided a simple and powerful system for the client's field force. This improved sales productivity and efficiency of operations and provided clear visibility to the revenue pipeline.

Developing a contract management system to extend Salesforce platform

Marlabs developed a contract management system for a NYC-based provider of real-time online advertising platform to extend the built-in approval process of The system offered full control over the approval flow by the contract admin, thereby reducing the possibility of clogged and orphaned approvals. The system reduced customer onboarding time from 7 business days to 2 and allows the management to make adjustments in real-time.


Implementing CRM offers a single source of information

A leading global provider of education products and services wanted their sales team to have a unified view of their customers, across all stages. We recommended the Service Cloud system for sales, marketing, service fulfillment & service operations. The approach was aimed towards streamlining the schools’ databases and setting up processes to handle the client’s multiple business verticals and product lines within the same system.