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The Client, a market leader in India’s beer industry wanted to maintain its market share and grow sales of select brands of products. To achieve this, the sales teams needed to be empowered with the right data and tools to push their products to buyers.

Business Challenge:

The primary business goal was to retain and grow the market share by enabling the sales engineers to edge out competition at the point-of-sale. The sales team was not equipped with adequate market information and product data to influence a sales push of a specific brand.

  • Success of field activities during outlet visits depend solely on the relationship between outlet owners and sales engineers.
  • No single, easy-to-use system to capture daily data; no planning and campaign management or view of historic sales data and real-time access to SKU information.
  • Data captured during outlet visits were not processed further, so the client’s sales strategy was based on data received from third party or the government.

Marlabs Solution:

ET Marlabs recommended a Perfect-Call Resulting in Driving Excellence (PRIDE), a Salesforce integrated automation system.

A custom mobile app called PRIDE was designed and developed on to mirror the workflow; it enables a perfect sales call and delivers rich SKU data in real-time to empower sales conversations with outlets.

The Impact:

  • PRIDE app enables clear visibility in revenue pipeline, leading to better predictability in revenue forecasting
  • The management and analytics teams can take control of data and make it actionable
  • 700 people in the system use Salesforce, eliminating past struggles with paperwork and mismatched records
  • Through a single application, all information related to sales and marketing can be managed
  • Overall improvement in sales productivity, efficiency of operations, tracking of campaign management, marketing development activities, follow-up process and hence, satisfied customers.
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