Implementation of Enterprise Risk Management Platform MX.3 In Azure

One of the first ever implementations of the enterprise risk management platform MX.3 in Azure


One of the largest investment banks in New York wanted to implement their enterprise risk management platform Murex MX.3 in the Azure cloud for increased agility and business velocity.


Business Challenge:

The company wanted to deploy development, testing, and pre-production environments in Azure. Reduce capex in the high-performance computing infrastructure MX.3. Additional challenges include:

  • Highly demanding computer and network requirements made the cloud deployment of MX.3 highly complex and challenging.
  • 3 processing nodes run on Nvidia GPUs and required under 120 microseconds network latency between server nodes.


Marlabs Solution:

  • Architected and built a robust, low-latency Azure-based compute infrastructure for deploying the Murex platform on the Azure cloud.
  • Designed and implemented a hybrid Azure cloud environment, connected via multiple high-speed Azure Express Routes.
  • Resulted in world’s first Murex deployment in Azure cloud to achieve 80 microseconds latency across GPU compute nodes.

Technology Environment:

  • Azure Cloud
  • V100 and P100 Nvidia GPU instances
  • Murex MX.3
  • RHEL Enterprise
  • ServiceNow orchestration

The Impact:

  • Accelerated development, testing, and pre-production environments
  • Reduced cost of development and testing by 75%
  • Raised scalability in the Murex platform
  • Evaluate new risk-related initiatives before moving to production
  • Stepped up speed and responsiveness to changes in risk related business processes
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