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Now & Next makes available exclusive insights and progressive perspectives from thought leaders on cutting-edge future technologies. Entrenched in our principles of “purpose beyond profits”, here is where thoughts and point-of-views go beyond the realms of business and profits – to re-imagine a technology driven sustainable future.

Gain valuable information on topics ranging from intelligent automation and insights to data science and machine learning, from cognitive computing to connected ecosystems, next-gen experiences to cybersecurity, EDGE & quantum computing to human intelligent systems & behavioural sciences, all the way to design thinking and customer experience. Come and step into a digital future.



Smart manufacturing: Resilience through design

September 27, 2021
Truly smart factories product design implies thinking about the longevity of products and physical systems and driving environmentally sustainable businesses. Enterprises must bring as much attention to product resilience as they do to business resilience.

Decoding digital transformation, defining the enterprise of the future

September 15, 2021
In a digital world, that’s only possible if it is design-led, and through solution exploration not limited to just developing code, but coming up with smarter ways of looking at problems and solutions.

How AI and analytics can predict machine performance

September 7, 2021
The AI, ML and analytics practice at Marlabs is powered by a substantial network of digital practitioners, best-in-class technology partners, and innovators.

Learning the Customer Lifecycle for Future-Proofing and Resilience

September 3, 2021
Digital 360 has recently become the new industry standard for communicating with customers on the level they have come to expect.

Reducing environmental footprint with sustainable banking

August 26, 2021
Banks are moving towards adopting sustainability goals in their internal operations as well as in endeavors with their clients.

Building a Winning Data Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation

August 13, 2021
As corporate data volumes grow, it introduces data complexities and diversity that are yet to be efficiently addressed.

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