Marlabs featured in ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant study on 'Marketing Technology’ - Solutions and Services 2022

The ranking has placed Marlabs as a Contender in four critical categories – Strategic MarTech Services, Digital Experience and Content, Social and Relationships, and Digital Commerce Optimization.

In this quadrant report, the study offers Marketing and Technology decision-makers transparency on the strengths and weaknesses of relevant service providers through a differentiated positioning based on segments with a strong focus on the regional market. This study serves as the basis for critical decision-making in terms of positioning, key relationships, and go-to-market considerations.

Strategic MarTech Services

This quadrant includes service providers that offer strategic marketing services and demonstrate knowledge of digital technologies to help clients take the best advantage of digital marketing. Of the 17 companies assessed for this study, 11 have qualified for this quadrant, among which Marlabs exceptional service capability, strong industry knowledge, and market perception have been recognized in this quadrant.

Digital Experience and Content

In this section, ISG highlights the current leading digital experience providers, offering a holistic and complete stack of integrated digital experience technologies. The selection criteria were based on the forefront of technology development in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. Likewise, developing content that addresses the needs of potential customers, and converting them into sales and business opportunities are also components evaluated by providers.

According to the report, “Marlabs presents a comprehensive capability in customer experience and content marketing.”

Social and Relationship

This section is an assessment of how technology service providers offer capabilities in the areas of customer relations and marketing on social networks to attract, retain, and engage the target audience. This section also analyzes the relationship between a customer and a company through various communication channels and the creation and distribution of valuable and compelling content.

Digital Commerce Optimization

This quadrant evaluates the capabilities of service providers that are dedicated to deploying, optimizing, and integrating digital commerce solutions and improving customer loyalty by enabling the business to set up and manage online stores.

According to the report, “Marlabs provides design, development and measurement services for digital commerce optimization.”

Marlabs’ MarTech services comprise a combination of design-led advisory, implementation across marketing tech and e-commerce, and strong analytics services. We are proud to have strategic partnerships with market-leading OEMs such as Salesforce, Sitecore, and Adobe. Within just a year of its launch, Marlabs Intelligent Experience Solutions helped global organizations to create deeper and more meaningful engagements with their end consumers. Marlabs’ MarTech capability center has provided a gamut of marketing solutions to help global organizations implement Digital Transformations.

ISG analyst, Mauricio Ohtani states “Marlabs shows great promise as an upcoming provider of Martech services for large and mid-size clients, with a strong market presence across the U.S. and the company is highly capable of implementing marketing-related business solutions. The company demonstrates significant depth in delivering digital solutions specific to building strong end consumer experiences.

Raghu Rao, Senior Vice President at Marlabs, said, “This recognition demonstrates our commitment to helping organizations digitally transform their customer experience initiatives while enhancing their business functions through insightful design and data-driven outcomes. “Today, CMOs and CDOs are at the epicenter of MarTech, making us uniquely positioned to guide companies through this shift and leverage digital to be more effective in creating intelligent marketing experiences.”

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