Expands in LATAM Market with Monitora Soluções
Tecnológicas Acquisition
Marlabs Makes a Strategic Move
into Brazil

Marlabs CEO Siby Vadakekkara talks about the possibilities this acquisition brings

Siby talks about the acquisition of Brazilian digital solutions firm, Monitora, its strategic implications, and what this means for Marlabs and its employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Monitora CEO Marcos Chiodi shares his excitement on being part of the Marlabs family

Monitora founder and CEO, Marcos Chiodi, talks about the acquisition by Marlabs and the exciting journey ahead for Monitora employees, their important stakeholders, and the newly formed entity.

May 2023 – Marlabs acquires digital solutions firm, Monitora, to expand capabilities in LATAM. The acquisition will enable Marlabs to deepen its technology capabilities as well as access new markets for growth.

Shared culture and values

What a typical day in a Martian's life look like...

At Marlabs, people are at the core of everything we do. We strive to create memorable, challenging, and eventful experiences for ‘Martians’. Here’s what a career with Marlabs looks like.

Life at Monitora

Why is Monitora such a great place to work? ‘Monitoppers’ share their experiences of working at Monitora and what keeps them motivated.

How can Marlabs + Monitora help my business