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Is smart more about doing things or doing more with things?

“Is smart more about doing things or doing more with things?” That was the opening quip by Madhavan at one of his recent panel discussions which started the obvious discussion around embedding human intelligence while designing systems and applications.

Data is the new fuel and if you need to run any system efficiently well then I guess you need lots of it. Which is why when you look at design engineering today, it is all about making the systems and apps far more human intelligent than ever before. That probably explains how the Smart Pill® moves inside your GI tract collecting data about how food travels through your gut, your food intake habits and eliminating the need for x rays and complex scans.

Data holds the key whichever way you look at it. But what if these systems could modify human behavior itself?

What if the Smart Pill® could send alerts via a recorder to your watch or belt or any device to warn of slowing down of intestinal workings due to specific intakes or alert you to an impending gastric bout so you could either get to a doc in time or take necessary precaution. In turn modifying your food intake behavior and over time overhauling your dietary habits to align to a better life and health index. Imagine the possibility of how machines can now calibrate the course of human behavior to prevent disasters (natural and man-made), health afflictions caused by lifestyle or even sound alarm bells to a potentially genetically inherited condition that you may be likely to afflict in advanced years.

That is the future of cyber physical systems as one sees it. It’s not merely the ability to design smart and cool systems but being able to infuse evolving human intelligence thereby designing a loop in continuum.

Purnima Menon
CMO, Marlabs

Marlabs Inc.

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