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IoT Use Cases in the Automotive Industry

Indeed, the future is bright for Automotive industry after leveraging Internet of Things(IoT). According to Business Insider prediction, over the next 5 years, $267 billion will be spent on Automotive IoT solutions. Automotive IoT adds new layers to the traditional car concept, causing a paradigm shift from traditional to smart connected cars by making use of industrial IoT Edge Solutions.

  • Safety and Predictive Maintenance

Rider safety is the first and foremost concern for IoT enabled smart vehicles. Safety can be ensured by implementing Software Development Kits(SDKs) into hardware like data transmitters, sensors or vehicle control units.

Moving on to predictive maintenance, user needs to know how healthy his vehicle is. Smart vehicles make use of data collected from vehicle sensors, health monitoring on real-time basis, scheduling automated maintenance, usage of seatbelts, anti-drowsiness solutions, in-lane position control mechanisms etc.

  • Connected Smart Cars

Connected car owners can now leverage cloud enable a platform for Value Added User Services and Apps. Let’s see what all comes your way along with super experience of connected cars. Automotive IoT comes with remote auto-companion apps, in-car infotainment apps, city navigation, location-based services, drive assist apps, car-on-demand services, usage-based insurance, remote diagnostics, car security services to name a few. On top of these, you get the best database integration.

  • Fleet Management

Automotive IoT encourages implementation of end-to-end fleet management by leveraging in-vehicle data collection, in-cloud data management and user analytics, and many more. Fleet Management solutions target at connected sensors, location tracking and scheduling, speed control, fuel tracking, usage analytics, driver and fleet management, traffic management and sometimes even workload management.

  • Vehicle Telematics

A duplex black-box ensures car safety and guides you in going on the correct track for crash resistance. It also supports easy roadside assistance and informing a certain set of contacts during accidents & emergencies and increasing infotainment. Telematics is one of the major automotive IoT use case because it itself controls navigation, security, safety, communications etc.

  • Rider Assistance

Driver assistance focusses on partial or full automatic driving including the scenarios of operational assistance in heavy traffic on lanes or parking areas, in-lane or in highways.

The technology today promises to streamline the automotive industry and improve on productivity. Benefits are not only for the companies alone but also to the customers. Stay tuned to know more use cases in other industries like logistics, healthcare, food processing, manufacturing etc.

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