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Leverage the power of technology to extract crucial information from structured and unstructured data templates.

Intelligent Text Extractor (ITE) is a computer vision-based solution for OCR using deep learning algorithms. The solution helps recognize and extract printed and handwritten text from scanned documents. It can recognize structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents and can automatically classify different page formats. Moreover, it supports documents in multiple languages and input formats such as images and pdf documents.

The advantage of ITE is its flexibility to choose the entire recognition, extraction, and validation workflow solution or just a REST API based recognition while providing for extraction integration to existing application. The higher accuracy levels on extractions by use of ensemble of recognition algorithms, and validation logic to check type of text and its format is another unique feature built not this solution.

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Features of ITE

  • Higher Accuracy – Reliably extract printed, hand printed & hand-written text using ensemble of algorithms
  • No Upfront Template Configuration – Detect texts from unfamiliar documents without any configuration
  • Auto Classification – Classify similar documents as same template
  • Real Time – Recognize & extract useful data in seconds, more time for high-value work
  • Integrated workflow – Seamless text extraction, validation & export for document data
  • Support all popular file formats JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF and languages


  • Web based application on mAdvisor with interface for manual validation
  • REST based endpoint- Easily integrate ITE API to offer OCR capabilities
  • UI Path Component – Integrate OCR capabilities within RPA workflows

‘Intelligent Text Extractor’
In Action


  • Invoices
  • All kinds of forms- printed, hand-printed & hand-written
  • Marksheets & Transcripts
  • Credit reports
  • Contracts & Agreements
  • Financial forms and bank statements
  • Medical reports & prescriptions
  • Timesheets

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