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Rapidly building products & distribution with a
cost-delivery-value business model

Marlabs Cost-Delivery-Value business model built over Infor suite of products enables customers and businesses across the globe to simplify and accomplish complex transformation by leveraging crafted industry standards and business accelerator solutions.

Our Infor Capabilities

Infor M3









Aerospace & Defence

M3 & CSD

Building Materials



Industrial Distribution & Dealers

F&B Distribution

Janitory and Sanitory Supplies

Auto Parts



Paper & Office Supplies

Furniture & Fittings

Cloud Transformation / Migration

Manage Services using Chatbots

AaaS Automation as a Service (CICD, Functional Test Case Automation, UI Path, Automation anywhere)

Data Engineering & Analytics


TaaS Transformation as a Service

B2C & B2B integrations

Digital Customer Experience & Integrations (Salesforce, Adobe & Sitecore)


Business Process reengineering (Celonios & Esker)


Infor CloudSuite Products

Infor M3

Infor CSD / SX.e

Infor WMS

Infor Birst

Improve your business outcomes

Achieve digitally-enabled future state organization

Enhance Customer Experience

  • Improvising customer service level while changing from fixed schedule to dynamic fulfillment & replenishment.

Omni-Channel Sales

  • Enabling fast-paced and evolving omni-channels sales Enabling multi-channel order management through efficient order entry by sales reps.
  • All in one pricing, discounts, promotions, campaigns, and agreements management solution.
  • Fully equipped with plug and play e-commerce integrations.

Timely Demand Fulfillment

  • Ability to book the order and have full transparency during the entire supply chain.
  • Ability to manage make-to- order process based on customer order or forecast driven proposals for manufacturing, inspection, receiving and dispatching with complete tracking Empowering you to create world class delivery standards.

Near-Shoring Production and Just-In-Case Inventories

  • Achieve higher efficiencies through technology, leaner inventory, and network design, offsetting increased costs in warehousing and labor.
  • Create world class practices to better withstand future disruptions.
  • Managing inventory at all warehouses.
  • Solution to import stock & transaction for warehouses. Framework on pick waves and slotting for omnichannel fulfillment.
  • Prebuilt dashboards and reports to manage priority orders.


  • Ability to design industry standard analytical reports to better understand, focus, and respond to shift in demand patterns.
  • Better anticipate future supply chain disruptions.

Improved Cost Analysis

Ability to utilize world class costing standards using M3 costing engine by:

  • Detailed direct and indirect costing for product.
  • Get insightful analysis and trends over standard vs actual.
  • Focusing on areas of improvement for better management of costs in dynamic environments.

E2E traceability

  • M3 Graphical Lot Tracker (GLT) – The trace and recall general process enables trace, hold and recall of all lots that may be defective.

Better Cash Management

Better cash management through:

  • M3 cash desks and reconciliations.
  • Credit card integrations.
  • Automated reporting to provide daily cash flow.

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