Building user acquisition & experience for a humanitarian organization

Transforming user experience for a leading medical humanitarian organization

We helped an international medical humanitarian organization with user acquisition and experience through technology, design-led capabilities, and a human touch.

We partnered with an international, independent, medical humanitarian organization that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, healthcare exclusion, and natural disasters needed help with the right digital interventions. The client is an award-winning organization with several laurels across the world including the Nobel Peace Prize.

Creating A Strong Backbone

The client’s legacy fundraising system was technologically outdated and promoted manual interventions at multiple levels, limiting operations for the fundraising team. A number of issues related to data security and data privacy guidelines were encountered.

Additionally, business expectations regarding data visualization were lacking – records could not be accessed properly, key KPIs could not be managed, and a holistic view of operations was not available that led to inefficient strategic decision-making. Since most competitors use Salesforce, the client was unable to gain a competitive advantage in the donor acquisition market.

For the client to implement a successful fundraising campaign, a cloud-based solution that can manage many recurring and one-time donors, facilitate easy data monitoring processes, and facilitate methodical donor service was needed.

Thinking outside-in

In order to eliminate these challenges, it was apparent that a CRM that was integrated & advanced like Salesforce was needed in order to manage a large database using predefined actions, automate data security with advanced features, and access reports that provided highly improved visibility of data.

By employing technology, design-led capabilities, and a human touch, we helped the client acquire users and enhance their experience. Through Marlabs’ solution built in Salesforce CRM Non-Profit Success pack, the client has been able to achieve financial sustainability and meet its fundraising targets.

Fueling the heart

Right from the discovery stage, Marlabs team addressed the majority of the client’s pain points. The discovery process revealed their existing customer journey, and the associated or integrated flows with other systems lacked proper documentation. It was important to go beyond identifying and designing a solution roadmap and working collaboratively with the client to improve processes.

Marlabs invested heavily in the client’s business throughout the entire engagement lifecycle, making sure we added value at all touchpoints. Creating process flows, understanding dependencies on external systems, and o- time and effective communication helped us gain clients’ confidence.

As a result of a Consulting based approach, we were able to deepen collaboration and come up with a solution road map structured in phases, to ensure faster adaptability and with minimum UAT defects.

The Marlabs impact

  • Our solution has added value in terms of ease of revenue generation, tracking, and management of financial records. Funds are received in terms of voluntary contributions, but it goes through stringent data administrative, and compliance and Salesforce has become an enabler across these parameters.
  • Automation of receipting has enabled the donor to access the donation records immediately for tax purposes.
  • Predict and forecast effectively for upcoming quarters based on acquisition.
  • Get a complete view of fundraising addresses transparency in operations.
  • Effective lead management system enabling fundraisers to nurture leads.
  • Have a 360-degree view of donor management facilitating constant engagement with donors and this creates a positive impact on brand building.
  • Intelligent reporting helped business & fundraising teams to target specific & strategic focus areas now and thereafter augmenting the revenue e.g., categorize donor types (individual, corporates) acquisition/attrition report by age, city, groups, month, growth of pledges, opportunities projection, highlighting of a specific opportunity.
  • Enhanced time management by up to 20-25% by providing a more user-friendly and adaptive visual experience.
  • Implemented a swift and seamless payment gateway system experience that enabled secure transactions

Through our solution-led approach, we helped the client create a positive impact for users, streamline user acquisition, and created a 360-view of donor management. This increased donations for their fundraising activities that led to positive brand building. At Marlabs, we’re invested in creating a positive impact for our clients and our communities that they operate in and work with a greater purpose beyond profits.

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