Digitizing The Cold Chain With IoT – First Mile To Last Mile

Webinar with Forrester: Digitizing the Cold Chain with IoT – First Mile to Last Mile
Webinar 2020-03-25 00:00

Moving products safely and efficiently from the source to the destination has always posed risks – especially in heterogeneous cold chains that are not vertically integrated. Getting interoperable infrastructure in place to acquire and transmit data across the chain has not been easy. Significant cost, safety, and wastage in the supply chain has been the result. For example, the global cost of food wastage is about $2.6 trillion annually per the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. The answer lies in a smart, connected supply chain that leverages the IoT and edge computing for real time sense-and-respond along with predictive analytics for insight-driven decisions. Where critical events are processed at the edge and data is backhauled over the cloud for a seamless “first mile to last mile” integration.

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