Visualizing And Securing The Supply Chain With AI

Visualizing and Securing the Supply Chain with AI
Webinar 2019-07-25 22:30

Increasing digitization and automation has exposed the logistics and transportation industry to rapidly growing cybersecurity risks. The interconnected nature of the industry with its complex supply chains and fragmented operations make it an attractive target for hackers. The threat landscape has also expanded with a range of potential attackers – from industrialized crime units to ideologically driven hacktivists hoping to force costly downtime periods or expose their targets to public scrutiny.

Previously, Operational Technology systems were separate from IT systems and were relatively immune to cyber-attacks. Recent trends in integrating and unifying IT and OT systems have exposed these systems to greater risk. The Ponemon Institute also reported that an average of 46% of all cyber-attacks in the OT environment go undetected. This lack of visibility means that attackers can lie low in OT environments for long periods of time, building a thorough understanding of the network before striking. Increased adoption of Internet of Things devices has further increased the surface area for attacks.

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