Transform Customer Experience In Lending With Digitization To Boost Revenue

Transform Customer Experience in Lending with Digitization to Boost Revenue
Webinar 2019-03-21 15:00

Per a recent survey, 76% of non-bank lenders expect loan demand to surge in 2021. However, predicting demand for lending in 2021 is clearly going to be tricky. Macroeconomics is changing weekly, if not daily, a comment from a virtual investor conference in early June.

Lenders are therefore embracing digital lending platforms with renewed vigor to be able to respond to uncertainty in demand and changing customer preferences.

On the agenda in this webinar was several exciting topics like:

  • Evaluating alternate data sources to assess credit worthiness.
  • Enabling secure, easy to navigate, fully digital consumer experiences.
  • Delivering multiple quotes in minutes and funds disbursal in a couple of days.
  • Leveraging alternate credit scoring models and advanced features.
  • Staying on top of compliance from data privacy to credit card protection and more.
  • Managing the increased risk of default through data and analytics.

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