The Reality Behind The Hype – Healthcare 4.0

The reality behind the hype – healthcare 4.0
Event 2018-02-14 00:00

Healthcare 4.0 is top of the agenda and healthcare executives are looking to adapt and innovate. In this environment, there is a need to separate hype from reality with a clear picture of opportunities. AI systems are raising clinician productivity and lowering the risk of errors by providing a helping hand to overworked physicians. The goal is to step up health outcomes while democratizing healthcare without compromising patient privacy. Healthcare data is enabling pharmaceutical companies to capture real world evidence for drug discovery and development, marketing, and patient support. Natural language processing is helping to extract insight from unstructured data like scientific papers, electronic health record fragments and user-generated content.

Personalized healthcare is putting the patient at the center and driving the shift from point-of-care to point-of-need. Increasingly, care is being delivered virtually outside healthcare facilities, tailored to individuals.

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