Staying Ahead Of The Disruption In Research

Staying Ahead of the Disruption in Research
Webinar 2019-11-13 23:30

With the exponential growth of digital adoption in the ongoing “fourth industrial revolution,” digital risk has clearly taken off. Look no further than the recent Marriott hack (500 million records) as a proof point. Not to mention others like Yahoo (3 billion user accounts), eBay (145 million users), and Equifax (143 million consumers), to name a few.

Some additional stats for 2018[1] that further shine a light on the challenge:

  • 53,308 security incidents, 2,216 data breaches.
  • 76% of breaches were financially motivated
  • 68% of breaches took months or longer to discover.

The proliferation of people, devices, and things in the IoT and Cloud means that risk is all around us, given that anything with an IP address is discoverable and addressable. Risk is also mutating through the growth of edge devices, drones, AI, and cryptomining, among other sources. Criminal enterprises and nation states have become the dominant threat actors. Cybersecurity has become a business with Malware-as-a-Service and the Dark Web. New threat actors are constantly emerging on the horizon. In the meantime, security blind spots abound.

[1] 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report

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