Scriptless Test Automation: Balancing Cost, Quality, And Speed

Scriptless test automation: Balancing cost, quality, and speed
Webinar 2020-06-25 00:00

Over 150,000 companies, across every industry, are growing their business with Salesforce, running critical processes and data in the Salesforce platform. Additionally, there are over 4,000 applications in the AppExchange marketplace that customers can download to extend their Salesforce solutions. All innovation packed solutions that are accelerating the pace of digital transformation…with software testing going hand-in-hand.

However, Salesforce testing in the enterprise comes with some unique considerations that include:

  • Addressing significantly customized processes along with standard processes.
  • Ensuring support for both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning versions.
  • Handling Shadow DOM and other complex web components.
  • Staying aligned with Salesforce and AppExchange vendor maintenance schedules and accelerated release schedules
  • Meeting performance expectations including response time, availability, and scalability
  • Testing a wide variety of Salesforce ecosystem components such as Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

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