Readying The Supply Chain For Temperature-Critical Shipments

Readying the Supply Chain for Temperature-Critical Shipments
Webinar 2021-04-08 00:00

Moving temperature-sensitive products safely and efficiently from the source to the destination has become even more critical today. Forecasting, increasing visibility of product movement, and lowering costs has become a key challenge.

  • 20% of temperature-sensitive biopharmaceuticals damaged during cold chain transportation.
  • Lack of a functioning cold chain causing up to 20 percent food loss globally.

The solution lies in a Smart, Connected Supply Chain that leverages:

Collaborative, automated planning that combines statistical data with human inputs.

  • Artificial intelligence that goes beyond predictive planning to identify new trends.
  • GPS-enabled tracking and supply chain visibility system for critical distribution at scale.
  • Traceability of perishables and improved data flow across the supply chain.
  • Real-time monitoring using cloud-connected or cellular-connected active and passive sensors.
  • Propagation of information across the supply chain for increased, real-time visibility.

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