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Data Warehouse helps educational provider navigate critical business transformation


Our client is a leading educational provider offering classroom and online higher education, test prep, K12 services, and professional training. The client needed an on-demand reporting system to keep pace with current day data-driven decision-making

Business Challenge:

Upcoming changes in government policies pointed to a likely future decline in business from the physical classroom segment. Test Prep sessions are conducted through regular classrooms as well as through online programs. Though significant investments had been made in physical infrastructure, classroom enrollment numbers were falling as students were shifting to online sessions. Business processes could no longer be the same. It became clear that some of the earlier practices such as assigning enrolees to classrooms based on zip codes needed to go.

Instead, assignment of students and teachers to classrooms had to be made more dynamic. Information systems needed to be aligned with the altered business. Reports used to keep track of the business had to change as well. However, our client lacked a comprehensive, centralized reporting platform. Reports were being created on a more ad-hoc basis.

Marlabs Solution:

Emphasis was shifted from higher education to other sectors. A business transformation exercise was initiated to move to a more market-centric model and Test Prep was identified as an important growth area. Assignment of students and teachers to classrooms had to be made more dynamic. Information systems needed to be aligned with the altered business while reports used to keep track of the business had to change as well.

The Client decided to engage with Marlabs to build a new data warehouse that would monitor four major areas: financials, business leads, events, and classes (online and physical). Data Vault methodology was chosen as the underlying framework.

The project has two components: developing the data warehouse itself and carrying out end to end QA and testing. Major transactional systems such as enrollment, billing and invoicing, and sales include the sources of data. Through extensive performance benchmarks and trends reporting, the system provides the basis for setting and executing strategy.

Cube views are exposed to business users who create their own reports in addition to regular, scheduled reports. By delivering a 360o view of the business, the data warehouse underpins the overall transformation effort and provides the data to keep it on track.

The Impact:

  • Speeded up creation of new reports and analytics
  • Increases visibility into trends and performance
  • Provided insight for setting business direction
  • Lays the groundwork for process improvement
  • Enabled optimization of existing assets
  • Raised the level of business agility
  • Drove higher revenues and profitability
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