Our response to COVID-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact businesses around the world, I wanted to share with you the steps we have taken to ensure the safety of our employees and adjust our business operations to respond to this crisis.

Keeping our Marlabs family safe

The health officials have made it clear: to break the back of this pandemic and keep ourselves and our families safe, we all must practice “social distancing.” Therefore, we have closed all our offices until further notice and requested that all our employees, whether working from our offices or remotely onsite at clients, return to their homes to shelter in place. Affected offices include India (Bangalore, Kochi, Mysore, Pune); Germany (Darmstadt); Canada (Toronto) and our global headquarters in Piscataway, NJ, USA. Prior to shutting our offices, we reached out to our employees about their health insurance and sick day/disability benefits. We wanted to ensure they understood what they had in place and (although we were hoping this would not be necessary) how to claim benefits. We continue to
check in with our employees regarding their health and that of their families and to provide support to them through our local HR teams.

Keeping operations going and supporting our clients, suppliers and partners

Our clients—many of whom are in industries like healthcare, financial services, and education—are playing critical roles during this pandemic. They have always relied on us to support them.

Today, as they face business disruptions due to shutdowns, market turmoil, economic pressures, and staff illness, our clients are asking us to do even more. We have responded to their requests by transforming our operations digitally by leveraging cutting edge collaboration technology to the fullest, equipping our employees with the latest equipment, software and connectivity they need to do their jobs. This includes laptops, secure VPN infrastructure, access to collaboration and remote meeting software, network hot spot devices, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for those connecting from their personal laptops.

Our IT team, which worked tirelessly to make this all happen in a very short time period, is now manning a 24-7 helpdesk to address all software and hardware glitches to help keep people up and running. I am proud to say that our teams have continued to deliver without missing a step. They are meeting their deadlines and their SLAs and continue to work productively together with their colleagues and client teams.

We expect to see even more digital engagement between our clients and our engineering teams, and we are ready to serve these demands, more than ever.

Looking toward the future

Any student of history will tell you that this, too, shall pass. We don’t know what the future will hold, but we suspect it may find a “new normal” with different patterns of work, play, and interaction.

A post-Covid-19 world will bring new businesses, new business models, and new opportunities. Our clients will have to change, adapt, lead, and respond. We will be there with them as they do.

In closing, it’s clear we can’t avoid this situation; we can only navigate through it. As we do, I wish all of you strength, courage, and, above all, good health as we move toward brighter times.

Siby Vadakekkara
Marlabs, Inc.