Global Corporate Citizenship Initiative

Marlabs has always conducted business with integrity. We believe in extending the same level of integrity and transparency to society and the environment in which we do business that includes our customers, partners and employees. Corporate citizenship has, therefore, been rooted in the founding values of Marlabs and is integral to its work culture.

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Mission Statement

To create a community of responsible and educated citizens who are environmentally and socially conscious. To operate in a responsible manner in the best interests of all concerned stakeholders. To promote environmental sustainability, enrich the quality of life for all communities and fulfill social responsibilities as good corporate citizens.

Marlabs Corporate Citizenship Council (CC)

Marlabs, given its commitment to Corporate Citizenship (CC), has created a council within its organization. This CC council is a formal group of diverse individuals with the skills to plan and execute CC initiatives within Marlabs. The CC Council is tasked with an array of functions including:


Strategic planning


Streamline decision making process and make it transparent


Identify and prioritize CC projects for Marlabs


Communicate the value of CC initiatives to Martians and engage them in all activities


Recruit volunteers


Set benchmarks


Monitor and share results

Corporate Citizenship Council

The CC Council meets once in a month and is supported by CC project teams in each of Marlabs’ local offices. The project team comprises employees who make recommendations to the CC Council and set out the framework for implementing these CC activities.

Some of our flagship Chapters that are doing extensive work in CC include our Piscataway Chapter, Bangalore Chapter and Mysore Chapter. They are actively involved in identifying, initiating and driving more CC activities within Marlabs. These Chapters are instrumental in recruiting volunteers, monitoring activities and sharing results. Some of our activities include:
Visit to seniors’ home
Visit to home for special children
Visit to orphanages
Visit to home for the mentally ill
Blood donation camps


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