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Building a large member base by installing a comprehensive CRM system to manage customer relationships effeciently


The Client, a leader in the not-for-profit space wanted to build a large member base of regular donors and manage them efficiently.

Business Challenge:

The Client’s biggest challenge was the manual tracking processes they followed for acquiring members, which did not provide them with a 360-degree view of the relationship.

  • There was a huge need for a CRM system that could manage/track acquisition and retention of acquired members
  • The manual processes for tracking activities and profiling customer did not provide a 360-degree view of the member, nor the interaction history after the start of a relationship
  • There were dispersed mediums for capturing various activities undertaken by the fund-raising team
  • There was no automation to manage various gifts (donation) schemes and no pipeline management for high net-worth donors.

Marlabs Solution:

  • ET Marlabs implemented the Non-Profit Starter Pack edition of Salesforce to help streamline the donations process
  • Myriad activities performed by the fund raising and supporting teams were compiled, organized and translated into automated processes
  • The ‘one CRM’ goal streamlined the whole system which was centralized on effective customer relationship management


  • Salesforce CRM fulfills all the activities related to fund-raising
  • There is a clear reduction in delinquency due to the ‘prompt system’ that generated reminders
  • The quality of data captured has improved due to automation that verifies the data
  • Customers/members are now easily managed with respect to scheduling and engagement activities such as renewals
  • Various interlinking processes – tax receipt generation, address verification, mailing address formats – are now fully automated and vendor management has been streamlined

50% increase in efficiency for the tele-caller team due to the automated process for creating call/activity logs

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