Automated Pattern Discovery For A Fortune 500 Financial Company

Automated pattern discovery for a Fortune 500 financial services company


A Fortune 500 firm specializing in portfolio management and financial services that is a leading provider of financial products and services in the academic, research, medical, and government fields. The Client was looking to lower dependency on manual processes for its data management and analysis activities.

Business Challenge:

As a financial services company, the client deals with enormous amount of data of which more than 95% is not utilized for analysis. The analysis which is performed, from EDA to prediction, is entirely manual and takes at least 4-6 weeks. This hampers the ability to act promptly.

Currently, there is a heavy reliance on iterative manual work. Analysts goes through the data, perform multiple ad-hoc querying to extract data into dashboards, perform exploratory analysis, moves on to Machine Learning and Statistical Analysis to finally arrive at the presentation. This process typically takes 6-8 Weeks for every single report.

Marlabs Solution:

This solution was built on mAdvisor, an AI & Cognitive Computing Platform that aims to automate the entire process of data analysis and machine learning using cognitive approaches like Machine Reasoning, NLP, NLG etc. The solution used the mAdvisor’s Automated Pattern Discovery module to better understand data of several financial and investment products they offer and quickly generate insights and key findings. Several reports were autogenerated including financial and compliance, marketing, and CRM reports, to cut down report generation time from days to hours.

Innovative features include:

  • Automate complex data analysis – Analysts have the options to slice and dice the data, pick the machine learning scripts to run and create custom reports without writing a single line of code
  • Emulate human being on data analyst – mAdvisor tries to emulate the human thinking that goes through when doing data analysis.
  • Natural Language Generation (NLG) – Engine creates automated narratives for the computation results to create a report in readable format
  • Automated Causal factors and Temporal analysis

The Impact:

The solution was deployed as a mAdvisor based cloud solution with a modular design. The primary users for Automated Pattern Discovery was Business Analysts and Data Scientists. The solution was deployed in a private cloud instance of the financial services firm and the analysts use the solution to analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured data and find hidden patterns and actionable insights.

  • Reduced time required for analysis across the organization by 92%
  • $300K worth resource time freed per month Automated Causal factors and Temporal analysis Innovative features includes: Automate complex data analysis – Analysts have the options to slice and dice the data, pick the machine learning scripts to run and create custom reports without writing a single line of code
  • $3.67M savings per year in analyst hours
  • Return on investment in just 15 Days

About mAdvisor

mAdvisor is a patent pending AI & Cognitive Computing platform, which helps enterprises to translate data into meaningful insights and narratives without any manual intervention. Now enterprises can reduce the analytics timelines from weeks to minutes using mAdvisor.

mAdvisor employs cognitive technologies like machine learning, machine reasoning, deep learning, natural language generation, natural language processing and expert rules systems, thereby enabling enterprises to identify revenue streams, enhance customer experience and productivity.

Marlabs LLC

About Marlabs LLC

Marlabs helps leading companies around the world make operations sleeker, keep customers closer, transform data into decisions, de-risk cyberspace, boost legacy systems, and capture novel opportunities and digital-led revenues. It provides digital-first strategy and advisory services, rapid solution incubation and prototyping, and agile digital solution engineering. Marlabs is headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in the US, Germany, and India. Its 2,500+ global workforce includes highly experienced technology, platform, and industry specialists from the world’s leading technical universities.

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