Accessing HANA Cloud developer edition from Amazon Web Services



The intention of this blog is to help people who want to get hands on to HANA Development using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The step by step process (applicable as of today) to get connected to a HANA instance on AWS is explained below. Please note that cloud service charges may fluctuate from time to time, so make sure the usage charges fits your budget.

Setting up an Amazon (AWS) Account

Log on to Amazon web services(AWS)[].  Note: credit / Debit card details should be furnished here. The cloud service is charged on a monthly basis based on usage.AWS will charge you a small amount ( 2 INR or so) while validating your account. AWS will do an IVR verification via the mobile number provided.

Select a support plan. For training or learning you can go for Basic support plan which is available for free usage.

Proceed to AWS Management Console and select your Account name. From the drop-down list, select 'Security credentials'.

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