Accelerating Sigma-Aldrich’s Transformation into a Real-Time Enterprise: Marlabs’ SAP UX solution increases SAP HANA ROI

Sigma-Aldrich is a leading manufacturer and distributer of chemicals and other essential products serving laboratories as well as industrial and commercial buyers. The company’s vision to become a real-time enterprise led them to embark on an ambitious project called SAP NEXT that entailed moving their entire Enterprise Resource Planning to HANA. However, faced with user experience limitations, they sought Marlabs’ innovative approach to re-imagine the classic SAP user experience. Marlabs developed a UX platform based on SAPUI5 for around 60 applications and 700 modules. The suite of 60 cross-platform apps was created for mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and the Web across all the major business functions such as Sales and Marketing, Supply Chain, Research and Development, Distribution, Compliance, and Human Resources.
Marlabs’ solution provided a consumer-grade, mobile-first user experience for SAP and HANA transforming Sigma-Aldrich into a real-time enterprise. The solution has helped Sigma-Aldrich increase end-user adoption of the application substantially, thus increasing their return on investment (ROI) by a huge margin.
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